Progressive attracts the best agents because we pay the highest commissions & have the best training!

Have you ever wondered why some real estate offices have many top producers while others have none? 
There are two basic reasons for this:

First: Commissions.
  Top Producers want top pay, therefore they will go to an office that is willing to pay higher commissions.

Second:  Training!
Top Producers are not lucky!  They are trained on how to sell and work hard to become the best agents in the business!  Here at Progressive Real Estate, we offer the best training available!

Progressive Real Estate attracts both top producers and agents that are new to the industry.  Why?  Simply put, we offer the highest commission of any real estate company, Period!  In addition, we offer free coaching/training sessions for new and growing agents.  These instructional sessions are taught by Tim Sheehan, the only Real Estate Broker in Brevard to personally sell over 78 million dollars of real estate in one year!

New to the industry or experienced, what are you waiting for?  With the highest commissions and the best training available, there is nothing to think about!  Come join the progressive team today!

Call Tim for a private consultation:  321.259.0000 ext. 13

Why You'll Love Progressive Real Estate:

Tim Sheehan Broker / Instructor
Tim Sheehan, Broker/Instructor/Owner.

The old saying is "those who can't sell, teach".  This is not the case with Tim. Tim has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years. Opening Progressive Real Estate, Inc. in 2000.  Having coached hundreds of agents, Tim knows what it takes to have a successful career in real estate.

Tim has personally sold over $78,000,000 in one year, with over six hundred million in total sales.  He has also invested in hundreds of properties!   Tim is the only Broker/instructor in Brevard with this experience!  Contact Tim now and become a member of our team! 321.259.0000 ext. 13.

Brianna Realtor
Don't wait! I did and now I only think of how much more money I could have made!

When I originally spoke to Tim he said I should come and join his team.  He said the sooner I do, the sooner I will be making money.   Well, I went with another company that offered what seemed to be more, but after months of training and no sales I decided to join the Progressive Team.  Once I did and my real training began, I realized how much time I had wasted and wished I had just come here from the start.  Don't waist time somewhere else!  If you are serious about a career in real estate, come join the Progressive Team, Tim is amazing.